Air Services

About Countrywide Air

COUNTRYWIDE Air comes to you from COUNTRYWIDE-the young vibrant and dynamic division of Group COUNTRYWIDE.
In its endeavour to provide complete and on-time express facilities to its valued customers COUNTRYWIDE has a dedicated Air Division started in 2003.
COUNTRYWIDE Air service provider and has seamless integration with the other divisions of COUNTRYWIDE, thus guaranteeing delivery within 24/48 hours.

Value Added Services

  • Door-to-Door Services
  • Port to Port Services
  • Door to Port Services
  • Port to Door Services
  • Round the Clock Services in major locations
  • 24 Hrs Direct line haul services to 40 destinations from major Hubs
  • Multimode Services( a Unique combination of Air/RAIL and Surface)
  • Collect on Delivery (COD) and Draft on Delivery(DOD) Services
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) Services
  • State-of-the-art technology for Tracking Consignments
  • Diplomat Services* -Delivery at remote locations where COUNTRYWIDE offices are not located
  • Sunday and Holiday Services
  • Committed Delivery Services
  • Time Sensitive Delivery
  • Octroi Clearance Services
  • Late Pick-up and Deliveries
  • Early Morning Deliveries


  • Unique arrangement of space with all Domestic Carriers
  • Company owned offices
  • 1000 ground vehicles for distribution

Cut-off Time

The normal Cut-off time for acceptance of booking at Air Hub is 4 Hrs. before the scheduled departure of flight. For early morning pick-up and deliveries. COUNTRYWIDE specified pick-up/delivery times should be followed.

  • Transportation of goods by Air is governed by IATA Rules
  • The Packing of the consignments should be strong enough to withstand the normal Air Transport
  • Contents of the consignments should be properly declared
  • The value for the consignments should be declared
  • The weight of the consignment is determined by Actual or Volumetric weight whichever is higher
  • The weight of a single consignment should not exceed 150 kgs
  • For booking heavy or voluminous cargo prior reference to our Air Hub should be made to arrange for the ULDS
  • Paliatisation is a must for heavy consignments
  • Electronics and unscanned goods are cooled off for 24Hrs
  • Liquid and semi liquid consignments are prohibited goods for Air transportation
  • Dangerous and hazardous goods are completely prohibited for carriage by Air passenger flights
  • Maximum Limt A Value of material Rs 5000 Per Kg. B Single Packet weight 30 Kg
  • Bulky and Light weight Consignments shall be charged on the basis of space occupied as per IATA rules L X B X H / 6000 in Cms, L X B X H / 366 in Inches
  • FOV shall be charged @ Rs 5 per 1000 on Invoice Value if insured by the Customer, if not insured RS 20 per 1000 of the Invoice Value.
  • Value added Services :
    • COD Services Rs 200
    • FOD Services Rs 200
    • DACC Services Rs 200
  • Claim / libilitier are settled as per IATA rules
  • For Special Zone delivers- 50 % additional rates shall be applicable.
  • For Comemerical Cargo - Sales Tax forms /Octori /Entry Tax rules are to be followed as per Service guidelines.
  • COUNTRYWIDE - Master Tariff is subjected to change without prior notice
  • Minimum charges by Air is Rs 500/- per consignment
  • Service Tax as applicable
  • Fuel Surcharge As applicable
  • Value Added Service charges as applicable
  • For Sector/Destination wise lucrative rates, please call our local Air Office

Air Rates Rs Kg

Zone To
From North East West South
North 30 60 60 75
East 60 30 75 75
West 60 75 30 60
South 75 75 60 30

Kindly Call/Write to us for the detailed tariff.Tariff is subject to change without notice.
Transist days does not include the day of booking and delivery, sundays & public holidays

Fuel Surcharges 10%
Docket Charges : 250
After 8 pm pick-up/ delivery charges : of Rs. 200/- extra
Before 9.30 am delivery : Rs. 200/- extra
Holiday & Sunday Delivery : Rs. 500/- extra

Diplomat Service Charges

Distance(kms) Upto 500 Kgs. (Rs.) Above 500 Kgs. (Rs.) Extra Transit Days
Upto 50kms 1000 2000 1
51-100 kms 2000 3000 1
Above 100 Kms 3000 4000 1

For special zone ODA location additional Rs. 500/- over above matrix would be charged.