We use Technologies that let you keep an eye on your Shipment.

Our Advanced Technologies Keep You Informed Every Step of the Way: Gain Comprehensive Visibility into Your Shipments

Worried about your Shipment ?
Real-time tracking

Live tracking systems use a combination of hardware devices, such as GPS trackers and RFID tags, and our software to collect, analyze, and visualize data related to the movement of shipments. These devices are attached to the cargo or our vehicles and transmit data to the software platform via cellular networks or satellite communication.

Live tracking provides with real-time visibility into the movement of your shipments, allowing to monitor progress, identify delays, and proactively manage exceptions.

AI Technologies to optimize and streamline the transportation of goods from one point to another.

Fleet Data Collection: AI-powered route management starts with collecting vast amounts of data relevant to the transportation process. This data can include information such as historical shipping routes, traffic patterns, weather conditions, vehicle capacity, delivery deadlines, and more.

Fleet Data Analysis: Our AI algorithms analyze the collected data to identify patterns, trends, and correlations that can help optimize route planning and decision-making. Machine learning techniques can be used to train models on historical data and learn from past experiences to make predictions and recommendations for future routes.

Route Optimization: Based on the insights gained from data analysis, AI algorithms generate optimized transportation routes that minimize costs, reduce delivery times, and maximize efficiency. These routes take into account various factors such as distance, traffic congestion, fuel consumption, vehicle capacity, and delivery priorities.

Integration with Fleet Management: AI-powered route management systems can be integrated with fleet management and GPS tracking devices to monitor vehicle locations, track shipments in real-time, and communicate with drivers. This integration enables seamless coordination between route planning and execution, ensuring smooth operations throughout the transportation process.